In 2008 Malorie Kaye, President of Cameo Public Relations, set out to change the Fashion PR industry. Combining years of PR experience with an innate eye for new talent and an insatiable passion to introduce that talent to the world, Malorie continues to remain at the forefront of the industry.

After graduating with a degree in business and fashion merchandising from Indiana University, Malorie began a career in fashion PR, quickly playing an integral part at a renowned Fashion PR agency in midtown Manhattan. Immediately developing binding relationships with her clients, it was no surprise that she soon would move in-house as the PR Director of a rapidly rising shoe designer for the women's luxury market. After building a sound foundation through media relations, freelance writing and fashion styling, Malorie knew the next step was to combine her talent and experience to offer a service that would be unparalleled.

Having worked both in-house and on the agency side, Malorie realized that it would be the marriage of the two – the deeply rooted personalized attention of in-house PR combined with the broad range of expertise of a full-service agency – that truly would ensure the highest level of service. Based on this philosophy, she founded Cameo PR, guaranteeing the success and growth of the company and each of its valued clients.
In 2010 Cameo Public Relations grew to far exceed traditional PR agencies due to the unique addition of a full service creative group. The group was the brainchild of Ariel Kaye, a graphic designer who has had a considerable hand in developing & executing in-depth projects for magazine publishers, fashion brands and a broad spectrum of communications-related industries.

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the renowned graphic design program at The College of New Jersey, Ariel went on to pursue her passion for magazines securing a design position at First for Women where she furthered her knowledge of page layout & imposition, editorial design and photo shoot production while simultaneously exploring creative conception, logo development and photography through variegated freelance opportunities.

Ariel's cultivated repertoire led her to become a noted resource for small businesses across a multitude of industries, inspiring the invaluable decision to join her sister, Malorie, in growing Cameo PR through the addition of creative services. Ariel now heads Cameo Creative, an innovative group encompassing all tools necessary to launch & expand designers, boutiques and brands within the fashion and lifestyle industries.

Cameo PR is a full-service public relations and creative consulting agency specializing in the growth of leading & emerging accessories designers, brands and boutiques. Based in New York City, Cameo PR has established a reputation among clients, editors, stylists and public relations professionals as an incredibly effective, highly respected firm with a unique philosophy and approach.

Working with designers who are passionate about developing all aspects of their brands, we create and execute a strategic PR campaign and in-depth creative plan that will result in quantifiable growth and brand awareness. By tailoring programs to achieve specific goals for each brand, we ensure and maintain a feeling of in-house PR and an elevated level of service for all of our clients, a sentiment that has become our top priority.

Focusing on and building upon each area of public relations and branding, Cameo PR utilizes its vast resources and strong relationships to generate increasing brand exposure through print and digital media, celebrity endorsement, industry collaboration, event sponsorship, product launches, graphic design and much more.

Cameo PR is constantly striving to innovate and grow with the ever-changing fashion and media industries, creating and maintaining effective public relations and creative campaigns for many years to come.

Malorie's favorite childhood memories are of days played in her grandmother's closet. Meticulously scouring grandma's endless collection of vintage cameo brooches, pendants, rings and earrings, she would try feverishly to find the one about which she hadn't yet heard its incredible story. Not only were her grandmother's sky-high jewelry boxes filled with gorgeous, handcrafted antique cameos worthy of completing any outfit, but each held great value in its heritage. The stories were as beautiful as the pieces themselves, and it was with these young experiences that Malorie realized the importance of the narrative behind the work -- the extraordinary power of learning what made each unique accessory so priceless.

Malorie has never let go of this amazing lesson, and Cameo PR was founded with the same sentiment. Each designers' work, each exceptional brand, has a story to tell, with descriptions and depictions that speak beyond a collection's aesthetic beauty and express the true individuality that make each piece one-of-a-kind. Cameo PR was established to share those stories with the world.

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